Work at UAV Engines LTD. Disrupted, Palestine Action Takes On Kill Chain

Aug 23, 2022

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  • This morning, three activists turned to Elbit’s UAV Engines LTD., locking on at the gates, barring entry to the Israeli drone factory. The factory produces engines for drones destined for Israel – and today all site operations have been disrupted.
  • It has been targetted by Palestine Action for over two years, for its role in both Israeli and British military operations. For instance, the Hermes 450, manufactured in part at UAV Engines LTD., is described by Elbit as the ‘backbone’ of Israel’s drone fleet. It has been put to use countless times by the Israeli and British millitaries on populations across the world.
  • Today follows on from four actions at the factory in the last two months, activists targetting the site for its important role in the killer supply chain. “The pressure is on for Elbit – in two years of operating, Palestine Action have forced the permanent closure of two Elbit sites. There can be no business as usual for the Israeli arms trade and its warlords.”

In the early morning hours, threePalestine Actionists have taken to UAV Engines LTD., one of Elbit Systems‘ (Israel’s largest arms company) eight remaining British sites. Site operations were disrupted as activists fixed themselves to the gate using lock ons, barring entry to the Israeli drones factory. The factory manufactures components for various Elbit drones, including the Hermes 450 UAV, ‘battle-tested’ on Palestinians men, women and children.

UAV Engines LTD. is another link in the kill chain – Elbit Systems supply the Israeli military with 85% percent of its drone fleet and are vital in the state terror inflicted on Palestine. These same drones that are made in Britain will then be put to use bombing Gaza, as was the case in 2014, 2021, and just this past month. The Hermes 450 was described by Elbit themselves as the ‘backbone’ of Israel’s drone fleet.

Its use on the captive populations of Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan (and many more) laid the foundations for the Watchkeeper drone – which has been put to use by both the UK Border Patrol and British police for surveilling and monitoring both migrants and citizens. The Watchkeeper was developed by Elbit in close collaboration with weapons company Thales, its engines are constructed in Shenstone.

This action follows on from four prior actions in the past two months alone, as well as countless actions at the site dating back to the launch of Palestine Action. For much of 2022 it has been in a state of disrepair due to sustained and hard hitting direct action. It was Palestine Action’s policy of direct action that shut down Elbit’s factory in Manchester and London headquarters, and it’s direct action that will see Elbit forced out of Shenstone too.

The property is owned and managed by real estate company Fisher German, who have faced significant action by activists in the #EvictElbit campaign. Suspicions have been raised after Palestine Action confirmed that workers have not been seen entering Fisher German’s Harborne office (the same office that signed the lease on UAV Engines LTD.) in several months after windows were boarded up. The company has repeatedly refused to comment on whether the lease at Shenstone has been terminated. As such, direct action will continue against Fisher German until an official statement confirms the lease is gone – just last Thursday, the company’s office in Ashby, Leicestershire, was targetted by activists.

A Palestine Action spokesperson stated: “UAV Engines LTD. and Palestine Action go way back – and with good reason! The site is put to use manufacturing parts for drones that are not only ‘battle-tested’ on Palestinians, but also sold back to our own government and others, to uphold an international network of policing, borders and warfare. It plays a significant part in the kill chain, and will continue to see action until  its permanent closure. Elbit Systems are already crumbling under people-backed direct action. It’s time to finish the job off. Ending British complicity means we #ShutElbitDown.”



Elbit forced to close its London HQ:

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Palestine Action is a direct-action network of groups and individuals formed with the mandate of taking direct action against Elbit Systems’ British locations at grassroots level, calling for them all to be shut down and for the British government to end its complicity in Israeli apartheid.


Elbit Systems is Israel’s largest arms firm, with 8 remaining sites in Britain. They build weapons include drones, artillery and target acquisition software in Britain. All of which are marketed as “battle-tested” or “combat-proven”, as they’ve been tested on the captive population of Gaza.

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