Action Taken at Two Arms Factories: Palestine Action break links in apartheid supply chain

Feb 14, 2022


  • Palestine Action have taken action at two different arms factories this morning, continuing the campaign against firms complicit in Elbit Systems’ criminal operations.
  • Two actions took place to disrupt Israel’s apartheid-supply-chain, with Elbit’s suppliers APPH targetted in Runcorn, and their partners Thales targetted in Reading, with both sites covered in blood-red paint.
  • Images of the actions can be found on Palestine Action’s Twitter page

On Valentines Day, Palestine Action have targetted two arms manufacturers complicit in the murder, occupation and oppression of the people of Palestine, Yemen and more. The sites of Elbit’s partners APPH in Runcorn and Thales in Reading remain dismantled, shattered and drenched in red paint. Activists have once again acted to disrupt the supply of British-manufactured drones and weapons to Israel, targetting the sites firms complicit in Elbit Systems’ facilitatation of Israeli war crimes. 

This double-action marks an escalation of the campaign against Elbit following recent victories in the courts, with 11 activists walking free from charges over the past two months, and in the direct action campaign, with news breaking last month that the long-targetted Oldham factory has been forced to close permanently.

Elbit are not able to operate without a network of complicit firms and accomplices, including APPH and Thales targetted today. APPH are actively working with Elbit on the landing gear for Elbit drones, including the Watchkeeper, manufactured for the British army and for the repression of refugees crossing the channel by the UK Border Force. These drones are modelled on Elbit’s Hermes, which the company describes as ‘battle tested’ – on Palestine’s civilian population. APPH also supply parts for fighter jets used in Afghanistan and by Saudi Arabia in their bombardments of Yemen. Thales meanwhile are Elbit’s business partners, jointly operating the Leicester UAV Tactical Systems factory with them for the manufacture of Israeli drones. Thales have recently joined a consortium, ‘Team Elbit’, to bid for UK military contracts.

The activists have taken action to stand against these companies’ facilitation of Israel’s apartheid using British-made weaponry. This has been the purpose of Palestine Action’s campaign since its launch in August 2020. Following extensive direct action and multiple occupations, the group secured a major victory in January 2021 – when it was announced that Elbit’s long-targetted Oldham factory would close permanently. The group intends to shut down all remaining Elbit sites in Britain, and will do the same to any of Elbit’s partners – if they fail to publically cut ties with Elbit Systems. The group have stated:

“This action has been taken in solidarity with the Palestinian people, and all others across the world who are repressed at the hands of Elbit weaponry. Taking action is solidarity, and solidarity is love – with these activists putting solidarity into action this Valentines Day to dismantle Elbit’s brutal war machine. Today, we’re choosing to show love for humanity; by destroying the tools of apartheid and working to stop the production of weapons under which millions live in a state of fear.” 

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Palestine Action is a direct-action network of groups and individuals formed with the mandate of taking direct action against Elbit Systems’ UK locations at grassroots level, calling for them all to be shut down and for the British government to end its complicity in Israeli apartheid.

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