As THE genocide of Palestinians rages on, It’s important to recognise how close to home the Israeli war industry is and how we can impact it.

Britain is home to several Israeli weapons firms, including Israel’s largest weapons firm, Elbit Systems. Elbit manufacture tanks, bullets, drones and munitions for the Israeli military and market their weaponry as “battle-tested” – tested on Palestinian men, women and children.

The Israeli war machine is operating in Britain, and through direct action we can stop it in its tracks.

The British government has been complicit in the colonisation of Palestine for over 100 years – protests and lobbying efforts has failed to change that. This refusal for the powers that be to end their participation in Israeli war crimes, and the presence of Israeli weapons factories on our doorstep, demands a more effective and direct approach – direct action.
In the words of the late David Graeber:

“Protest is like begging the powers that be to dig a well. Direct action is digging the well yourself and daring them to stop you”

Palestine Action is running training days across the country, to bring together like minded people for a day of talks, trainings and group discussions. All of which is geared towards harnessing the strength of the grassroots and directing it towards bringing down Israel’s war machine.


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