Palestine Action Underground launches to celebrate three years of action

Aug 2, 2023

Another year of Palestine Action; three years of sustained and effective direct action against Elbit Systems. Three years of mobilising and enabling the masses to strike back and refuse passivity. Three years of radical action and engaging collective power. Three years of unstoppable momentum, victories and, as a direct result, increased attempts by the state to quash the movement. 

This time, last year, our second anniversary report [1] was buzzing over the two Elbit closures, announced in quick succession at the start of 2022. We’re still incredibly proud of the victories at Oldham and Kingsway. They have not lost their zest because they represent, particularly in Oldham, the successful nurturing and building of community.

The support and actions of those who join the resistance are the reason we’ve been able to continuing smashing the status quo for three consecutive years. We want to raise a heartfelt fist of solidarity and power to all the comrades who’ve taken action, as well as the many donors, supporters and legal aids who have ensued we are not alone in the fight. 

The most noteworthy update to our second-year recap is the cancellation of contracts between the British Ministry of Defence and Elbit Systems, due to the former’s concerns over the latter’s ‘operational sovereignty’. [2] This multi-million pound blow to Elbit is without doubt the biggest return on investment for anyone who has donated money, time and / or energy to Palestine Action. The cracks in Elbit’s warehouse windows do not simply represent cosmetic damage but also symbolise the crumbling foundations of Elbit’s relationship with the British State’s so-called defence interests.

Turning the tide

The 4 people currently detained, and the 100+ others facing prison time, signify the dedication of the people to this cause, despite risking arrest, prison time and other curtailments of freedom. This evident commitment and unstoppable momentum are not the ‘words of condemnation’ or ‘vague promises’ most often heard when it comes to action in support of Palestine. Our actions represent a tangible threat to the corrupt British-Israeli relationship, forged over Palestinian bloodshed and war-crime profiteering. Our successful severing of the links that comprise the chain of complicity connecting the British and Israeli states, have led the Crown Prosecution Service to enact increasingly repressive measures.

But, as one acquitted activist explained after our first Crown Court victory, which saw a unanimous not-guilty verdict, “the UK government’s attempt to deter pro-Palestine activists by dragging us through the courts has backfired. It has instead boosted our morale and shown us that randomly-selected members of the public are appalled by Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and that they disagree with Elbit Systems being allowed to operate in the UK. Critically, we have seen that pro-Palestine activism has public support and just how out of touch the government is with public sentiment. While there are many problems with trial by jury, in this instance it felt like democracy in practice” [3].

In addition to turning the tide of public opinion, we’ve also garnered international support and solidarity from various groups and organisations, including the Palestinian Prisoners’ Movement. On Sunday 11th June, 2023, the collective of imprisoned Palestinians released a public statement standing with the political prisoners: “we express our sincere appreciation for the efforts made by the Palestine Action movement, which led to the closure of several sites belonging to Elbit Systems, which specialises in producing drones and weaponry supplied to the fascist Zionist occupation.” [4]

Further, on July 22nd, 2023, an International Day of Solidarity with the political prisoners and arrestees of Palestine Action was held across and outside the U.K. Banners, protests and solidarity stands sprung up from Manchester to Canada in support of the detainees and against the British government’s siding with Zionism and apartheid. [5]

What’s next?

As we type, our disruptive siege continues into its fourth month, at Elbit’s Leicester subsidiary, UAV Tactical Systems (U-TacS) [6]. This tactic of besiegement builds on our direct-action camp, which was sustained around the clock at UAV Engines in Shenstone, during the summer of 2022 [7]. In both instances, the British police stepped in to disperse, dismantle and wreck the campsites and gatherings of solidarity, in what were irrefutable demonstrations of British police force enacting the Zionist’s fascist agenda on British soil.

While our iconic red boiler suits and paint continue to colour the collective consciousness and headlines, people may be surprised to know that Palestine Action’s covert missions are actually more numerous than the highly publicised actions. Dedication takes on many guises. Moving forward, Elbit Systems and their associates – that is, any business found to be collaborating with Elbit via their research, technology, consultation, labour, components, or any other service – will continue to be targeted in surprising and innovative ways. Actions of this nature will comprise Palestine Action Underground; the covert chapter of our movement. Not only is the movement growing under the red umbrella held by Palestine Action, it’s also being fostered by groups across Europe, from Athens to Brussels and Toulouse, by organisations and individuals determined to ignite and spread the appetite for resistance to state complicity with the Israeli regime. With this in mind, Palestine Action Underground will be releasing information on new targets, from Monday 7th August. This crucial information will not only further expose the depths of collaboration and complicity identifiable in British businesses, it will also serve to inform budding actionists so they can branch out and serve the movement to #ShutElbitDown. But, that’s not all. Palestine Action Underground will also be releasing a guide to taking action, to further empower and encourage conscionable humans, across Britain and beyond. Stay tuned…

As we move into the second half of 2023, past our third year and look towards our fourth, Palestine Action remains steadfast in our goal to #ShutElbitDown.


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Palestine Action is a direct-action network of groups and individuals formed with the mandate of taking action against the sites of Elbit Systems and other companies complicit in Israeli apartheid, calling for all such sites to be shut down.