In May 2021, Palestine Actionists scaled the roof of Leicester’s Israeli arms factory, UAV Tactical Systems. The fire service refused to stop the action. The people of Leicester came out in thousands.

Together, for six days, we #ShutElbitDown

in a new front to the campaign, we’re heading back to finish what we started.

in our masses, our siege will include staying put day and night, for weeks on end.

from may 1st, we’re not leaving until Elbit does.

📍UAV TACTICAL SYSTEMS, Unit F, Meridian East, Meridian Business Park, Leicester, LE19 1WZ, U.K

ARE YOU with us?


Leicester is the base of UAV Tactical Systems, owned by Elbit Systems, Israel’s largest arms firm. Behind locked doors, drones are assembled which Elbit have tested on the captive population of Gaza. Research shows their military drone equipment is exported to the colonisers of Palestine to murder, displace and oppress people across the world.

Elbit provide 85% of Israel’s military drone fleet, many of which are armed. 

Being able to develop weapons on our siblings in Palestine, means they are able to export them to oppressive regimes across the world, including against the occupied people of Kashmir.


HOW CAN I Join the siege?

Pledge to join

In the build up to the siege, you can sign up to join and receive updates and regular information at

Join a local group

You can also join a local group where you can meet, distribute flyers, and work together to plan your part in the siege against Leicester’s Israeli weapons factory. For local group contact details see below: 



















Just turn up!

Don’t have time to join a local group or just want to turn up with your own affinity group? Well, you’re more than welcome to do that! Details of our guidelines and action agreement will be posted shortly with more details.

Join a workshop

For information on in person workshops and talks, check out

We are also holding online workshops on Elbit and your legal rights. They’re held every Wednesday 7pm at Sunday 3PM on zoom, you can register at


How do i get there?

To travel to the site of the siege, you can either use public transport, drive there, car share or book a space on a coach once they’ve become available.

The location of Leicester’s Israeli weapons factory is: UAV Tactical Systems, Unit F Meridian East, Meridian Business Park, Braunstone Town, Leicester, LE19 1TP

Public Transport

If you are taking public transport, we recommend travelling to Leicester train station, and taking the bus from there. More information will be uploaded on specific recommended bus routes closer to the date of the siege (May 1st).


If you’re planning to travel by car, use the postcode LE19 1TP for the most accurate destination on your GPS. There are car parks and spaces in the areas surrounding Elbit’s factory. We recommend parking at least 200 metres away from the factory. 

Car share or coach

You can get in contact with your local group to ask if there are any car sharing opportunities and if you can pick up a lift by one of the activists already planning to travel to the site. Coaches from numerous areas to the site in Leicester will be announced within the next week. Make sure you email your local group if you’re interested in taking one of these coaches, and you’ll be put on a waiting list: 



















How long do I stay for?

You can stay for however long you can contribute towards holding the siege. We encourage people to stay more than one day, some may stay for a week, others weeks, and some for a few days. There will be options to camp on site, but if you would struggle to camp there is some limited options for accommodation in the area. If you would need accommodation, please email  

What should I bring?

We advise bringing the following items, especially if you are planning to stay overnight:

Roll mat

Sleeping bag

Warm clothing including warm waterproof coat

Layers of warm clothes


Thermal socks

Hand gloves

Head torch (spare batteries)

Power pack and cables


Toiletries and small towel

Wet wipes

Sanitary items

Mini first aid kit and any medication

Toilet roll

Bin bags

Bottle or thermal mug

Bowl and cutlery

Sun cream and sun hat (in case we get lucky)

Books/playing cards/etc

Your own homemade signs and Palestine flags

Snacks (food will be provided but extra snacks is recommended)

A backpack/holdall

Face covering optional (balaclava, face mask, )

If you don’t have any of the above items, please reach out to …. – no one needs to be excluded due to not having the right items!

*No alcohol or drugs



Food to share

General camping equipment [cooking facilities etc]

Banners and placards

Camping/foldable chairs

PA System

Drums/ musical instruments

Anything else you think might come in use!

Should I cover my face?

Everyone is free to make their own choice and face coverings are optional. If you do choose to wear one, to evade unwanted police attention, you could wear a balaclava, keffiyeh, a face mask etc. 

What will I do when I get there?

Every single person who attends will be contributing towards holding the siege. We have strength in numbers! Our objective is to hold a siege for as long as it takes for Elbit to close down its weapons factory in Leicester. Activities will involve people holding the fort by simply sitting down and refusing to leave the site.  

There will also be Palestinian dabke, workshops, music, food, talks and other events to keep you occupied whilst occupying Leicester’s Israeli weapons factory!

Will I get arrested?

Getting arrested isn’t a requirement of joining the siege, however we can not account for every possibility of how the police may react to people opposing Israel’s arms trade. Although Elbit are the criminals, who profit from the destruction of Palestine, the British state often seek to protect its arms production.

You do not have to put yourself in a position where you will get arrested in order to join the siege. By sheer mass of numbers, we will be a powerful force against Leicester’s Israeli weapons factory. However, if you do refuse to leave the site and are in a position where you could be seen as obstructing the factory from opening, and you do not leave when you are cautioned, then you may be arrested. 

If you are arrested in the road, it’s possible you would be arrested under “obstruction of the highway”. If you are arrested on land belonging to Elbit, it could be “aggravated trespass”. Please note, this is not an exhaustive list and we recommend you join a workshop before attending the siege: We will also be running workshops on the ground in real time and will take into account the legal situation as it develops. We also have a brilliant legal team who can be contacted if you do find yourself arrested by the police. 

Raj Chada, Hodge Jones & Allen: 0808 273 9624

We recommend writing the name and number of the lawyer on you in case of arrest. We will be distributing this information on cards at the scene as well. 

Should I talk to the police?

The short and straight forward answer to this question is NO. The police work alongside Elbit Systems and their priority is to protect Israel’s arms industry. Police officers may try and appear to be friendly – this is a tactic to gather intelligence about you and the people around you. No matter how experienced you are in protest/ direct action situations, we firmly state that no one who joins the siege should talk to the police, security, or any other state official. This is to keep us all safe. 

What can I do in the build up to the siege?

Beyond preparing yourself, your kit and transport, attending a workshop, there are numerous activities you can do to help build the siege beforehand. This includes postering your town/village/city, flyering in your local area, dropping banners and ad-hacking bus stop posters. 

If you would like to order posters, flyers and stickers, you can do so here:

You can also join your local group, the contact details of which are:

If there is no local group in your area, contact us about holding a workshop in your local area or for your affinity group at

How do I donate?

Any donation, no matter how small or big, is crucial towards ensuring the success of the siege against Leicester’s Israeli weapons factory. You can donate towards our siege fundraiser at:

If you would like more information on sending large amounts, please email us at