Join the Palestine Action Prisoners Day of Action on Saturday 22nd JuLY 

There are currently 7 actionists in prison, and 100 more facing prison, for taking action to disrupt the production of Israeli weapons on British soil. Four of them are detained after dismantling an American weapons factory, Teledyne Labtech in Wales. Teledyne are the largest listed exporters of weapons from Britain to the apartheid state of Israel. Two others are in prison for occupying APPH, a Canadian weapons factory, and supplier of parts for Israeli Elbit drones and fighter jets.

Over 100 more face trials for taking direct action against a range of weapons companies, mainly Elbit Systems, Israel’s largest weapons firm. Elbit supply the majority of Israel’s military drone fleet, land equipment, bullets and more. Their weapons are used against the Palestinian people, and then marketed as “battle-tested” and sold on to other oppressive regimes across the world. Using the captive population of Gaza as a laboratory is a crime against humanity, that creates a profitable industry from an illegal occupation. All strikes against that industry is not only legitimate, it is necessary.

Actionists have put their liberty on the line in reaction to the British states deepening complicity with the colonisation of Palestine. Complicity which routes back to the Balfour Declaration, when the land of Palestine was signed away by the British to the zionist militia. Palestine Action refuses to stand by and allow the operations of such companies on British soil, and by doing so, not only have we shut down two Israeli weapons factories and cost Elbit hundreds of £millions in lost contracts, we’re exposing where the states priority lies. By imprisoning actionists, the state is further demonstrating what we already know: the British state prioritises protecting the military supply chain of a foreign apartheid state, over the freedom of its own citizens.

In addition to handing down prison sentences, the state has imprisoned actionists without trial, and on occasions the CPS have reintroduced previously dropped charges, after Elbit asked for a review. In reaction to growing public support for direct action and the plight of the Palestinian people, courts are now adhering to requests from the CPS to eliminate defences in some trials, meaning they’re refusing legal arguments such as preventing the greater crime, and the necessity to save lives. The public did not consent to Israeli weapons factories operating on their doorstep, and by prosecuting us they are not acting in the public interest, but in the interest of foreign weapons firms.

Stand in solidarity with all the actionists in prison and facing prison for taking action in solidarity with Palestine. On the 22nd July, we’re asking for all supporters to organise solidarity actions and protests under the banner “Free the actionists”.




Mobilise from 12PM on Saturday 22nd July

Manchester Piccadilly Gardens


Mobilise from 12PM on Saturday 22nd July

Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, WC2A 2LL


Meet at 1PM

Williamson Square, L1 1LG


From 12-1PM

Barclays Bank, 10-12 Pinstone Street, Sheffield City Centre, S1 2HN


Mobilise from 12PM

The Clocktower, Brighton & Hove


Mobilise from 12PM on 22nd July

The Clocktower, Leicester


Meet at 12PM on 22nd July

Crown Prosecution Service Office, 2 Colmore Row, Birmingham, B3 2QA

Vancouver, Canada

Gather at 2PM at Denman and Davie

Can’t find a protest in your area? Here are some other actions you can take:

(1) Organise a solidarity protest/direct action against your local CPS office or any company which facilitates the production of Israeli weapons

(2) Organise a banner drop or poster run and outreach event in solidarity. You can pre-order flyers and posters here:

(3) Post the pictures and videos of your actions online and tag @pal_action or/and use the hashtag #FreeTheActionists

(4) Write solidarity messages to the prisoners which you an send to

(5) Donate to support prisoners and actionists facing trial at

(6) Join our upcoming online event and hear from former prisoners, actionists and experts on 16th July at 5PM (UK time):