Join the Fight – Take the Power Back

Nov 30, 2020

Palestine Action is being cracked down on by the state for its direct action against Elbit Systems — an arms company which markets its weapons as battle-tested on Palestinian civilians. Some of our members have recently been interrogated and detained by the police. Some have had their homes raided for using tactics no different to groups like that of Extinction Rebellion, in the quest for social justice.

Palestine Action was launched just under 4 months ago and since then we have carried out over 40 actions — from ad-hacks, to banner drops, to lock-ons, to rooftop occupations; activists have jammed posters to public buses, taken over advertising space in bus-stops across the country, windows have been smashed, interiors have been soaked in blood-red paint; doors, floors and walls have been sprayed. Our direct actions have been focused, systematic, and aimed at those who continue to protect and nurture Israel’s war industry. Our mission is to force Elbit out, shut them down, and terminate their UK production line of lethal weaponry.

Recently, Palestine Action have been targeting Lasalle Investment Management (LIS), the landlords of Elbit’s UK Headquarters at 77 Kingsway, London. We believe that if you aid war criminals, you are war criminals, and we will not stop taking direct action against all property owned by LIS until they have terminated their contract with these war criminals.

To achieve maximum effectiveness, we are seeking solidarity from other organisations to join our movement, or work alongside, and seek to end all UK complicity in war crimes worldwide. We cannot let the increasingly authoritarian actions of the state interfere with our goals shut Elbit down. We may be arrested, detained, have our homes raided or our personal possessions ransacked, but the fact is, we must use our privilege to fight for the basic human rights of our brothers and sisters in Palestine, Kashmir, Armenia, South America and beyond.

It is imperative that we keep fighting, and so now, to step up our campaign, we are calling on all groups and individuals of conscience to use the power of direct action and help us forge positive change. Actions do not need to be ‘arrestable’: head off to any Elbit site or LIS building in the night to #PaintElbitRed and leave your mark of disapproval . Contact us to order ready-to-go spray paint packs for yourself, friends or other likeminded groups. If you are ‘arrestable’ and can organise something bigger such as a lock-on, an occupation or something uniquely creative, please don’t forget to send photos and landscape videos to We’ll happily publicise your action. As the state cracks down on us, let’s all mobilise into a united multiple direct action task force to crack down on Elbit Systems.

Map of Elbit Systems’ UK locations:
UK LIS Locations:

Please let us know if you are available to support us with our cause in any way, and if you would like more information.

In solidarity,
Palestine Action