Underground Cell Damages Car of Chief Architect of Israeli Weaponry

Sep 13, 2023

Palestine Action received a communique from an underground cell, after they damaged the car of Nimrod Shoshany, Chief System Architect for Elbit Systems and former IDF soldier.

“The Lynx Lair Communique

We are the Lynx Lair; an underground cell. We will uncover and reveal secrets and hidden truths including the cowardly criminals working in England and Wales for their Israeli military enablers at Elbit Systems or Rafael. Our first target was the property belonging to war criminal Nimrod Shoshany. Prior to working for Elbit Systems, he was a signal analysis expert for the intelligence corps of the Israeli military. He would have used his knowledge to highlight Palestinians to be killed amongst other heinous crimes. 

Currently his job is the Research and Development Director and Chief System Architect for Elbit Systems at their headquarters in Bristol. We have today started our campaign with a simple action damaging the car, whilst parked at his home address. We covered it in paint and paint stripper to damage the vehicle.

This is just the beginning of our campaign. The Lynx lair will remain elusive and mysterious and we will strike when and where you least expect it.

Long live the resistance. Free Palestine. Shut Elbit Down.”