Palestine Action Activist’s Hunger Strike Enters Week 4, Prison Violating Multiple Procedures

Jul 6, 2021



  • A Palestine Action activist has entered the fourth week of their hunger strike, after their remand to prison following involvement in the occupation of the Arconic factory in Kitts Green, Birmingham.
  • HMP Foston Hall has repeatedly violated procedures regarding publicising information and  management of health risks, and has flagrantly lied in information released.
  • Lawyers have submitted formal complaints regarding the prison’s handling of the situation.
  • The action was taken to protest Arconic’s contribution to both the Grenfell Tower fire – for which they supplied the unsafe cladding – and to Israeli war crimes, for which they supply materials used to produce murderous military aircraft and machinery.

A Palestine Action activist, named Yogi Bear, will be entering the fourth week of their hunger strike this week. The hunger strike began during their occupation of the Arconic factory in Kitts Green, Birmingham, for which they were arrested two days later – their hunger strike has continued since and during their detention in prison following denial of bail. 

Yogi Bear has been a long term activist and has taken direct action nationwide against global injustices, they played a significant role in the proposed HS2 line occupation and have been heavily involved in XR actions fighting climate injustice. The remand-in-prison of Yogi Bear, a measure more drastic than that of the other activists involved, is clearly an attempt to suppress Yogi Bear’s activism. Yogi’s involvement with prior actions against diverse yet interrelated inustices has demonstrated powerfully that these global injustices can be disrupted by conscientious activists acting in unity.

The hunger strike will continue until one or more of the four demands, relating to Israeli war crimes committed with British-made armaments, are met. These demands are:

  1. Immediate release of Palestine Action prisioners.
  2. Lasalle Investment Management evict Elbit Systems from 77 Kingsway London.
  3. The British Government to release all correspondence and/or documents between the government or any arm of the state (Police Force, MOD, Border Force, or any other goverment department) and Elbit Systems or any of their subsidiaries.
  4. Elbit Systems to shut down UK operations.

The prison – HMP Folston Hall – have repeatedly violated procedures in their handling of Yogi’s detention. Not only has personal information been released to the public and press, violating privacy procedures, but information released has been false. The prison are denying that the hunger strike is taking place, and we would suggest journalists contact Yogi Bear’s lawyers, Birds Solicitors, to attest to the fact that this hunger strike is underway. Furthermore, the prison have violated their duty of care by ignoring healthcare procedures, having failed to transfer Yogi into hospital while the hunger strike is ongoing. Yogi’s lawyers have submitted formal complaints regarding their mishandling of the detention.

Yogi Bear was one of several activists who occupied the Arconic factory to disrupt Arconic’s operation and to take a stand against companies which commit, or are complicit, in war crimes and crimes against humanity and to show these companies that activists are united in solidarity against the crimes which they commit. Arconic manufactured the highly flammable cladding used in Grenfell Tower, with the action demanding justice for the 72 lives that the Grenfell Tower fire claimed. Arconic are also complicit in Israeli war crimes through the manufacturing of materials used in the production of F35 fighter jets and Apache helicopters, equipment that is utilised by the Israeli military for bombardments of Gaza.


If you would like any further information on this action or on Palestine action, please contact or our press line at 07840150925

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Palestine Action

Palestine Action is a direct-action network of groups and individuals formed with the mandate of taking direct action against firms complicit in the ongoing repression of Palestinians. Palestine Action use direct action shut down manufactuing hubs for these companies, halt their operations, and are calling for the British government to end its complicity in Israeli apartheid.

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