Elbit’s wasting its profits on lawsuits – we couldn’t be more chuffed

May 6, 2021 | 2 comments

Over the last year, a number of fundraising platforms have been happy to host the Palestine Action account. Several weeks later, with no explanation, 8 platforms, including GoFundMe, Paypal, Open Collective & DonorBox have suddenly closed our account down. We didn’t know why.

Now we do. 

Elbit is using its money, accrued from filthy, heinous war crimes, to threaten public fundraising platforms that host Palestine Action with a lawsuit if they don’t retract the service and refuse to continue supporting us.

Donorbox kowtowed to the threats and closed our account down after just three months. We switched to Chuffed, but after a few weeks, they shut us down too. However, this time, Chuffed divulged the reasons behind the move. They said that Elbit’s lawyers were on their backs and they had no “choice” but to comply or they could be sued.

Elbit are running suitably scared. For us, that’s ‘Part One’ of ‘Job Done’ because they are resorting to dirty tactics to prevent donors from funding the mission to shut their weapons factories down. And by the way, threatening to sue fundraising platforms if they don’t bow down to Israel’s arms industry — Isn’t that blackmail? 

Of course, this is just another show of desperation from Elbit. The money flows in to Palestine Action whether or not we have a fundraising platform and it doesn’t curtail our plans in the slightest. They can make all the lawsuit threats they want — we will never stop targeting their factories of death, with or without Chuffed, PayPal or Donorbox. We have something much bigger: a UK-wide network; a movement, which survives on morality, responsibility, accountability, duty and integrity — and that’s worth more than Elbit’s lifetime turnover of blood-soaked profits.

Elbit extinguishes life with its weapons; what they manufacture causes destruction and suffering, and indeed, death. Neither their money, nor their threats, nor even their weapons, can extinguish a movement that thrives on humanity, decency, equality and the desire for life. Our mantra is a world without war: their hands are blooded — unwashable.

So, Elbit may have piles of tarnished gold to throw at spineless low-browed lawyers, but we have the power of the people — honest, integrous people; the world over.

And by the way, of course, please keep donating through our autonomous platform at palestineaction.org/donate because ‘Part Two of ‘Job-Done’ is only a few strides away.