Elbit Systems – We Find You Guilty

Mar 30, 2022

While Palestine Action has received successes in court already, our morality was never dependent on the views of the establishment, this wrongful verdict changes nothing. We know, as most people do, that to shut down the war machine which is bringing imminent harm to so many around the globe is the correct action. History will vindicate Palestine Action. 

“The Arc of the Moral Universe is Long, But it Bends Toward Justice.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Palestine Action is a Direct Action network, where all those who are horrified by the devastation Elbit Systems brings about, are able to make change in the here and now. The incredible winning streak, which proved our actions are clearly justified even in the eyes of those most biased against us, was always going to end. We are not a professional Human Rights law group, we don’t have the vast resources and systematic power of the Crown Prosecution Service, we are simply citizens who know what is right.

We walk into court rooms the targets of repression, victims of the British state’s role in enacting, and enabling violence. We leave having displayed our cause clearly. When we walk free, Palestine does not, and when consequences are brought against us, those inflicting War Crimes remain untouched. This is not justice. Broken machinery is justice. A Palestine unthreatened by drones is justice.
This verdict changes nothing. 

Going forward we will remain undeterred, action will continue to be taken against Elbit Systems and all who enable their role in upholding Apartheid, ethnic cleansing and imperialist destruction. The justice which cannot be found inside colonial empire law courts, or through lobbying those who refuse to listen, will be found through the actions of committed actionists, bringing forward a better world. Every smashed roof tile, thrown stone, drop of red paint or Palestine coloured smoke flare holds within it the hope of a future where Elbit is unable to function in Britain. The voices raised against oppression today ensure homes, famillies and lives are saved tomorrow. 

Palestine Action is not guilty. Elbit Systems and their War Crimes are.