A Communique From a Palestine Action Underground Cell

Aug 3, 2023

On the morning of Wednesday August 2nd, an autonomous cell called “The George Habash Brigade” flew a drone on to the roof of Leicester’s Israeli weapons factory, UAV Tactical Systems. Attached to the drone was a bag labelled with “biohazard” on it. This action was sent in anonymously on the 94th day of the declared siege against the military drone making factory.

It is the first part of a series of actions expected by the new “Palestine Action Underground”, made up of autonomous groups across the country with the aim of furthering the goal of ending the presence of Israeli weapons factories across Britain. Over the coming days and weeks, Palestine Action Underground will be releasing new targets of firms which are complicit in sustaining the presence of Israel’s weapons trade.

A communique was issued by the George Habash Brigade:

It has been suggested that the master’s tools cannot dismantle the master’s house. The George Habash Brigade is not so sure.

On the 2nd of August 2023 the George Habash Brigade (GHB) undertook our first action against the merchants of death in Elbit’s UAV Tactical Systems site in Braunstone Town, Leicester. These criminals produce biohazards everyday, which they proudly claim to be “battle tested” on Palestinians. UAV Tactical Systems is the site of assembly in Britain for Elbit’s murderous drone fleet, and so the GHB sent its own drone of liberation in the name of Gaza and Jenin. We have breached the enemy’s security with ease 

and thereby shown what we can do. Elbit should expect further action –  the sky is no longer their domain alone. Unbelievably our drone remains undisturbed, together with our “present” inside a biohazard bag. Elbit’s arrogance is its undoing. We will make a further statement in due course and will send this to Palestine Action. 

The GHB salutes the Palestinian resistance and follows their path, the path of AlQuds and liberation. We name ourselves for George Habash, the founder of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and hero of the Palestinian communist movement, and we took our first action on the anniversary of his birthday. We hope to honour his name and his cause in the practice of real proletarian internationalism, both in our action today and all that is to come.

The GHB has taken up the cause of Palestine Action, the trailblazers of a new kind of resistance in the imperialist centre. While we continue to admire the incredible advances of Palestine Action, we recognise that a new form of underground resistance is now necessary. We identify ourselves with the movement of Palestine Action Underground and we call on all friends and comrades of the cause to form their own groups and take action as we have. We are all Palestine Action.

We call for the freedom of all Palestine Action prisoners and all Palestinian political prisoners kept hostage in the jails of imperialism and zionism. In particular, we demand the immediate release of the resisting prisoner Walid Daqqah.

Shut Elbit Down!

Join the Underground!

Victory to the Resistance!

Free Palestine!

The George Habash Brigade