Crown Court Trial of ‘Shenstone 6’ Begins IN ONE WEEK: Protests Called for Outside of Court

Jan 2, 2022 | 1 comment

The trial of the ‘Shenstone 6’ is due to begin next week, from Monday the 10th of January and is set to last two weeks, at Stafford Crown Court. Protests have been called for every day of the trial, to call the government out on these spurious charges.

The UAV Engines (Shenstone) factory was occupied and forced to shut for several weeks due to damage caused, preventing its use for the manufacture of Israel’s drones. After allegedly causing £50,000 in damages to Elbit, activists are being charged with criminal damage as well as, astonishingly, ‘unlawful imprisonment’ after locking-shut the factory gates. One of the activists is facing a further criminal damage charge for spraying a cherry-picker with paint.

This trial comes soon after Palestine Action’s first trial, in which three activists defeated criminal damage charges in December after a seperate occupation of the UAV Engines factory in Shenstone. Activists at this trial were supported by dozens of protestors, with banners, flags, drums and chants, and we’re calling on all supporters in the area to turn out once again as we put Elbit on the dock.

Protests will be held at Stafford Crown Court, Victoria Square, Stafford, ST162QQ – starting on 10th January at 9AM.

To read about the original action, please click here.