Censorship of Anti-Racism and Palestine Activism only strengthens our call to Action

Nov 4, 2020

For four consecutive days, multiple actions against Israeli arms company Elbit Systems took place around the UK to resist Balfour Day and the 103 year-long complicity between the UK and the colonisation of Palestine. 

Social media sites such as Facebook, as well as GoFundMe, have recently attempted to censor Palestine Action’s campaigns. While GoFundMe is immorally withholding monies that have been donated, Facebook is censoring protests by deleting videos and not allowing posts to be shared. Elbit Systems, however, is given an untethered platform to market its weapons and it’s efficient-killing capabilities. Humanitarian social media users who oppose the industry of war, death and destruction are being denied a right to protest. 

Despite their attempts to protect war criminals Elbit, what private social-media conglomerates have failed to understand, is that solidarity, people-power and the support of dedicated activists will always win out. Attempts to silence us, only strengthens our call to action. 

Palestine Action is a grassroots movement of dedicated anti-racist, anti-war campaigns committed to ending all UK complicity in Israel’s apartheid regime. The attempts by social media giants to sabotage pro-Palestinian support has a long history. They have, however, always failed to suppress solidarity for Palestine — it is, after all, a legitimate struggle for human rights, dignity and freedom.

Groups and individuals across the country have already taken over 40 actions against Elbit Systems under the banner of Palestine Action. Support for direct action is growing, fast, as other dedicated groups and organisations jump on board. It’s time to use our privilege and take action against the UK’s complicity: we live in a country where the bombs are being made — not being dropped.  

If you wish to join Palestine Action, join us by following our induction link [ bit.ly/PalActInduct ], take autonomous action against Elbit and send your videos/pictures to [ palestineaction.org ].

The Israeli Ministry of Affairs recently pleaded with the UK defence Secretary Dominic Raab to shut down our movement, but a struggle rooted in solidarity, anti-racism and a commitment to ending the UK’s role in ongoing war, suffering, occupation, apartheid and colonisation will always succeed. Attempts to protect war criminals will fail.

Join our next induction, donate what you can here: [ Donate ] join our demos, support our actions, take direct action, and lets #ShutElbitDown.