As hell rains on Gaza, Palestine Action launch 50-target-map of companies complicit in Israel’s weapons trade

Oct 10, 2023

Israel has now declared a ‘full siege’ on Gaza, dropping 1,000 tonnes of bombs on the 25-mile long Strip and cutting off all supplies, food, energy and water to its 2 million inhabitants. Over 700 Palestinians have been killed, over 180,000 made homeless, and Gazans are preparing for worse to come – until now, it was unthinkable that their 17 years of captivity and starvation could be made any worse. At this moment, those of us living in the globe’s imperial core face a choice: between silence and complicity in the decades-long brutalisation of Palestine, or standing with the liberation efforts of those subjected to Israel’s brutality, apartheid, war crimes, and constant abuses of human, religious, and cultural rights.

As the fight to liberate Palestine enters a new phase, so does Palestine Action. Developing on from the recent launch of Palestine Action Underground [1], a new list of over 50 targets complicit in Elbit’s murderous arms trade has been made available on [2]. Additionally, the publication of Palestine Action: The Underground Manual [3] contains the essential information for creating an autonomous group able to independently strike at the facilitators of Israel’s systemic and military violence.

For those of us in Britain, the US, EU, and elsewhere, we have the privilege, and it could be said the obligation, of taking direct action against Israel’s weapons factories. These factories are placed in companies allied with the occupation regime, with both the host country and Israel profitting from the production of weaponry either bound for, or developed upon, Israel’s genocidal occupation. For this reason, Palestine Action’s main target has hitherto been Elbit Systems and their affiliates. Elbit Systems are a mainstay of the occupation and its aggression: manufacturers of 85% of Israel’s drone fleet [4] – without which these assaults on Gaza would be much limited, sole supplier of its small-calibre ammunition, and responsible for producing a range of ‘battle tested’ munitions, high-explosive rounds, and mortar bombs [5]. 

We acknowledge that no company can operate in isolation. Elbit relies on a broad, complex supply chain and each facilitator of its crimes against the Palestinians plays their own part in the bloodshed – from office suppliers to logistics, landlords to recruiters. These companies willingly partner with, and profit on the back of, Elbit Systems and its business of bloodshed. By enabling this company to operate in Britain, their partners are accountable for the cruelty and suffering conducted with Elbit weaponry. Murderous drone strikes in Gaza [6], imperialist border-security operations [7] in the US, EU, and Britain, and weapons exports to regimes including Myanmar [8] and Azerbaijan [9]: these are the activities enabled when companies align themselves with Elbit Systems.

Elbit have seen their British operations undermined continually for the past three years, with Palestine Action having refused to allow them a quiet moment. We have shut down two of their factories [10] and cost them hundreds-of-millions in now-voided Ministry of Defence contracts [11]. With the launch of Palestine Action Underground, independent groups across the country will now be able to take the direct action movement into their own hands, as we continue to mobilise against Elbit Systems and their affiliates. 

Listed companies include the likes of Keuhne + Nagel, providers of shipping services for Elbit; Fisher German, property managers for Elbit’s UAV Engines factory in Shenstone; ADS Group, an arms industry body of which Elbit is a member, and similar such participants in their criminal enterprise. Targets will remain on the list until they make a public statement announcing they have permanently cut all ties with Elbit. Until that point, direct action will continue against any and all friends of apartheid.


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Palestine Action is a direct-action network of groups and individuals formed with the mandate of taking action against the sites of Elbit Systems and other companies complicit in Israeli apartheid, calling for all such sites to be shut down.